weekend fun

I know it is mesmerizing watching my high arches.  I see you have come to realize I’m hard to resist.  don’t think it will come easily for you.   Cleaned up nicely to say the least.   sock sniffer–>I know how much you enjoyed buying birthday drinks for the lovely ladies with your $$$.   Later sniffer could not hold back from temptation or should I say LOVE at first sight while you beg to see my ankles.  he later bought me new shoes to wear out next.  Something with a chunkier heel to walk on cobblestone more easily.  tee hee.  I was getting nervous after my 4 shots in tiny stilettos.  My friend’s birthday party was a blast.

Saturday started well knowing I was shopping for my cousin’s birthday gifts online courtesy of My previous night’s profits.  You have been good so far, but keep it up.  Spoiling MY PerfcectPeds is a harder job than it seems.  Dinner was delicious.  Smoked out and met for a quick drink before movie.  You only wish you could sit next to me in a movie.  BAHAHAHA that will never happen.  You can only fathom of being close enough to smell my perfume, or even keeping the napkin from which I wipe my buttery popcorn hands.

Sunday I made a few new clips so stay tuned.