Coming SOON

I cant wait for My friend’s 25th birthday party on the 12th of Feb. He always has the dopest parties. This isnt your average night out in the city. This is an upscale event for upscale people. That means we dont want to see 1 star people in a 5 star event. so it is time to shop for an outfit. I believe it will still be fairly cold as it is only 2 weeks away and the weather man calls for a foot of snow. I normally do not go out when it is so cold, but I will make an exception for him. He is so fun and uber fresh. They know how to party, regardless of skin color or level of drunkness, they will make sure their even is fun for everyone. Those Africans are so hard to understand when they start getting tipsy. I need a translator. bahahaha. Last year was so much fun as the drinks were bottomless (tip the bartender or course.) I make sure to turn heads no matter where I go anyways. You can’t seem to get enough of Perfection. I see when your out with your girl and you cant help but to do a double take at My beauty.

I am so sick of this snow. I am already booking My ticket to a concert camp trip in Arkansas. Wakarusa 2011 is going to be off the chain. they have over 50 artists, roller coasters, a swim hole, hiking, multiple stages, and vending. It is going to be sick. Surrounded by dub and electronica music. 808’s beat all day and night. hula hoopers everywhere hoopin is a sweet fad. it is a great work out and it is fun to meet new people and do tricks as well. It can appear visually as very sexy too. There is nothing better than to work a hoop on fresh cut fluffy green plush grass barefoot. Or better yet if I had those shoes with 5 toes that make you feel like your barefoot. These don’t seem like very much support for My Perfectly raised arches. They may be high enough to cup your balls. You need to grow some. I can’t help to laugh at some of you overly apologetic bitches. Just get it right on the first try. back to the shoes….I want them. Vibram FiveFinger shoes are so cute and have great reviews about comfort and durability. those are awesome. Though not sold on you will have to look on another site. I wear a size 7 in womens or 37. Get on that. Also I need to relocate My campgear. It is in June so I shouldnt need too many blankets. Im so excited, probably more for the warm because that means less clothes. I believe in My past life i was and exhibitionist. Who knows?

A true chameleon to transform from 5 star upscale parties to filthy bass blasted camp weekend. Keep that in mind when tip toe-ing around here. I will twist and bend your favorite fantasy into a manipulated mess you wont be able to turn down. Your wallet is the only thing at your mercy. I do the things I want and am unpredictable. If you want more than that don’t even bother Me unless your willing to put your bank where your mouth is. (you wish I would put My feet where your mouth is) And it will be on My terms. You came looking for your top notch girl next door. Pay to spoil Me the way I deserve.