so you wanna know more..

Since I know you were wondering, I thought I’d be nice and share a little more about myself for the inquiring minds.  My Perfect Peds are hypnotizing. My smile is intoxicating. My sex appeal is mouthwatering. I know you want to see, but nothing is free.  I know my worth and you will soon 😛

It just so happens I was first introduced to working online by TheAsianGoddess and my lovely sister LuxxuryPrincess.  I’m a sexy bisexual who is open minded, confident, and educated.  Most people love to hate it. But I won’t tolerate dumb shit. Don’t even fathom wasting my time because it is precious. I dont tolerate foolishness from idiot boys. thats why women are so lovely.xoxo. I will only tolerate being treated the way such a beatiful lady like myself should be treated.  In other words come to me correctly or dont come to me at all.  If you dont like it EAT SHIT.

I am not impressed by your assets. I am an independent young lady who can easily replace small things like you.  If you want my time dont come empty handed.  Remember you found ME. I will be your new poison. I demand nothing but the best. Creme de la creme. I refuse to lower my standards. I GET WHAT I WANT. END OF STORY.