Get your wallets out

My first and foremost goal for the new  year is to be eliminated from My debts. You should be a good boy and pay off My student loans.  It is still necessary to spoil Me by making purchases from My wishlist as the FedEx man’s knock makes Me smile.  It is imperative that My student loans are gone by the end of the year.  There is no reason for such a pretty intelligent woman like Myself to have a debt hanging over My head.  That is why it is your job to eliminate it.  The most important loan, or the one with the highest interest rate needs to go first.  the monthly payment for that is $175 and the next runner up is $80 a month.  The last lender has a smaller interest rate so it is the last of My concern, however it’s sum is the largest of the 3. The payment on that is $40 monthly.  Either way you slice the pie grand total is nearing $10,000.  Handle this ASAP. Feel free to sign up for adopt-a-bill coming soon.

My Perfect Peds will have you in a transe.  I know how hard it is for you to turn away from these sky high arches.  If you want to be thought of as a good boy and possibly get a reward at the year’s end you will pay up.  My feet are irresistable.  They  are silky soft with arches that will have you begging for more.  Wrinkley soles and crinkled toes you can’t say no to.  You minions shall fall to My feet with wallets out and pay to worship and know that in return My debts have also been cleared.

Basically your mind will be manipulated while your wallets get raped by smart girls and you get off on it.  This is a task i refuse to let go to the wayside as it as at the top of My priority list.   and that simple boys, makes it the top of your priorities.  Get to work drones.