Holiday Hoax

I will say that I have much to be grateful for but I am grateful for everyday of My Precious life.  I however do not get extra merry around the holidays.  I find it rather dumb that people do not even know why we celebrate christmas.  Jesus wasn’t even born in the winter.  He was born in the spring, around may or june.  Either way, we don’t really celebrate Jesus’ birth, we celebrate why he died.  This shit was just made up to boost the economy and Pegan-ize little kids minds to believe a fat man flies around on Reindeer powered sleigh all fucking day dropping off gifts for your bad ass.  Its not your birthday…except theasiangoddess.  It is actually her BIRTHMAS.  google it bitch.  In the mean time I still prefer to celebrate in the spring apparently only My sister, LuxxuryPrincess.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus with birthday cake and we exchange gifts.  However you all can keep sending gifts all the way into the new year.  I have prior unfun engagements for new year’s eve.

New Years is just a reason for them to make false hopes for themselves.  Just to ruin it right before end of year holiday to “treat” yourself for no other reason than to allow My Peds to wallow in your cash.  Start soon to pay airfare for My trip to Virginia in January and My trip to Mexico in February.  Start the new year off right and have a nice healthy helping of Perfection.  hahahaha

You needy babies keep asking for pictures of where your money goes.  I suppose I could post some pictures soon. More image sets and video clips for sale soon. By the way I  already know I’m hot.  that’s why you did a double take and decided you could not resist Perfection, but have something to say.  If this is your first time meeting a domme you should introduce yourself, not start whining right away baby britches.  UGHHHH. Ignore.