Birthday is September 22nd

Who knew I’d be reporting back so soon after My California adventure with Asian Goddess.  We had such a fabulous time.  Mostly hiking, sight seeing at different beaches, and smoking weed.  The highlight was a tie between watching seals and sea lions in the cove for over an hour and petting a 5 year old black, majestic Mustang We met on Our hike.  Of course seeing My dear friend was just what I needed.  Be sure to send more Southwest gift cards to fund My travels; receive exclusive pictures.

During Memorial Day weekend, My Girlfriend and I strapped the kayak on the car and drove towards the ocean.  It was a so much fun spending the day at the beach, and kayaking on the ocean with all of the waves from other watercraft.  We even set up Our huge SPF 50 sun tent to make a day of it, White Claw included.  It was a grand time until I was swimming in the ocean, enjoying the abnormally blue water, when I got stung not once but thrice by a jelly fish.  Once on My butt, My knee, and the top of My foot. This was My first time experiencing the stinging sensation, but I was relieved when it subsided after 15 minutes or so.  And NO, no one urinated on Me.Ocean Adventures

Last, but not least, is a reminder that My birthday is next Sunday, September, 22.  Be sure you are spending your cash on My pages this month. I expect tributes and gifts from My wishlist.  Send something, regardless of your budget, or become dead to Me. chop chop sluts.  Admit, pleasing Me is your purpose.  Now is your time to prove it.