On Wednesday We Wear Black

My birthday was a small celebration of the autumnal equinox and awakening of My inner Vampire Queen.  I got out My new bike rack (purchased by lezzilover) and rode to the “bat bridge” to watch all of the bats leave their home for dinner.  I followed this up with sushi and sake.  The following day I went to the beach.  Since it was 2pm on a Monday the beach was mostly emptyCute, quirky, and fun, like ME.  Seeing how many of My loyal boys sent Me gifts and the ones who fell short allowed Me to rid Myself of dead (sub)weight so I can start My year anew.  If you want to get on board the train to Savage seductions, teases, and denials then subscribe to My fan sites for the most exclusive content.  iwantfanclub avn and only fans These are also the best way to contact Me for chat.


It seems My vanilla life is allowing Me to devote more of My free time to My more creative BDSM side for now.  This means there has been an influx in the amount of content I have been throwing out there.  I advise you pups to lap it up while you can.  There are lots of clips and picture sets en queue.  I have even decided to cam more regularly.  Good boys who follow My avn account know I like to fool around with the go live feature on Fridays and/or Sundays.  I’m thinking of bringing back regular cam schedule for My good (paying) boys.

I even made an Addams Family themed clip to post this Halloween.



More pictures on My fan sites!!

While My actual site should reflect a more modern look soon, iWantKatieSavage.com is LIVE!!!  Imagine how easy it will be to remember this when you are too fucked up to do anything else with your horny loser brain.  Be sure you save this tab to your favorites.  Binge on My newest clips, chat with Me on cam, or SEND TRIBUTES (My favorite).  I love seeing boys buy one clip after another after another, until they are in a sunken Savage place, with their thoughts taken over by My slick arches, round booty, and cunning smile.

My 9 year online anniversary has come and gone.   Check out the evolution of Savage…

That’s correct.  I have been reining supreme over horny males and dipping My greed fingers into beta bank accounts for almost a decade.  Manipulating men and their fetishes is My muse.  Stop lurking from and surrender to ME.

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