here lately

Brrr it sure is getting cold here.  Glad I have My hot girlfriend with curves in all the right places to keep Me warm at night.  I know you silly willies are jealous of what we have, and NO you could NEVER be a part of it…except to make your mind wander.  I cant wait to pick up My other winter coats from the cleaners.  they are so warm and cute.

My passport is officially being processed.  I cannot wait to go to Mexico in a few months.  Feel free to drool over Me in a swimming suit from My wishlist, make tributes to pay for airfare and fun activities.  I know you will be visiting My images4sale site-store 42258 when I return.  I know I am irresistible.  You look but scared to buy because someone might find out.  If you’ve already been defeated by your fetish, why hide???? at least leave with a souvenir and know you are doing as you should to make money for Me.   There’s nothing I love more than the peaceful sound of the beach and the way the sun dances on the sand and kisses My body so perfectly.  there’s something to keep your simple mind busy, thinking about Me and TheAsianGoddess on vacation living it up. yaaayyy. Financial Dommes go GLOBAL.