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you can spend but you'll NEVER have

If it wasnt for My car that got crashed into by some dumb broad BACKING UP, then I wouldn’t be ranting about how stupid males are and why it takes so long to get My car fixed.  Dont keep calling and saying one more day.  it goes to show all you losers are the same.  I was feeling feisty and decided to redeem My payback on My little real time foot sub.  As I said in My earlier blog, he ventured down ugly girl alley when he was too broke to afford Me.  he also failed to have all of My money ready on My birthday, and had to go get the rest.  how disrespectful to not have My money on MY BIRTHDAY.  do you think I want to wait around for you to get it??? NO.  I expect you to have your shit in order.  it’s not that I’m mad or mean, but if you want a real time Domme I will give you real time.  Lets face it, all time is My time, whether it be online or in real life.   I used the key that I had for his apartment to let Myself in while he was working.  I took all his lightbulbs and hid all the remotes, including those to the xbox so he could have time to think about Me in the dark, with no distractions.  then I hid all the soap.  his apartment is so freaking messy.  how did he plan to have ME over to do a clip with such a filthy place.  so to be sure he was going to clean that bathroom up I put shaving cream all over it, signing My name on his bathroom mirror.  I also hid all the toilet paper.  whats worse than going to the bathroom and finding all the tp gone?! hahhaa.  before I hid it I got some wet and tore it up and placed it under his pillows.  what a funny surprise, sticking your hand into some weird wet disintegrated piece of ??? right before bed.   then I turned his alarm clock up one hour.  I’m so devious.  I  am still finding it hard to quit laughing at him.  he wanted to do a clip but then cried because people can see his apt.  what a fucking BABY.  your apartment and the decoration motif is not so great that anyone who sees it will know where you live or that its your house.  that means do some rearranging or dont fucking ask Me to come do a clip at your apartment.  uff so annoying.  when I said Id be leaving to beat traffic after I said Id wanted to do a clip the sad sad look on his face was priceless.  UHHH no $$$ no play dumbfuck.  he tweets dumb shit like thanks for not stealing or damaging anything.  do you honestly think I need to steal ANY of your raggedy shit? that is an insult.  you do know you said that to the lady who you used to willingly hand over $$$ to and paid for My last trip to Puerto Rico right?  now get to shopping for My christmas present and TRY to redeem yourself.  My panty sniffer also found himself looking like a bitch yesterday when he said he was too scared to meet Me in person to buy My panties.  he was intimidated by little Me?  do I intimidate you? then just send the $$$ so I dont have to be bothered with your cowardly annoyances.  you boys are sooo silly.  sissybitch has added some funds to My paypal to pay for this months period supplies.  what a good girl she was.  It’s not much, but she knows her place when Im having those girly moments.  Im sure glad it came now and not in a few weeks when Im on the BEACH in PUERTO RICO with MY GIRLFRIEND.  Id hate for that pesky woman feature to be a burden on My scissor time with My lovely.   stay up to date and keep sending $$$ for My trip!!