Pre-Valentine’s Fun

its not hard for Me to be so amazing.  Its actually quite easy.  It’s even easier for Me to take your money so I can spend.  I know how much you love to hand your cash over to beautiful Ladies.  Your tiny dick gets hard when you think you could ever be close enough to these Perfect arches.  Some out you are worried bout how much money you have, when all you really need to worry about is how often you tribute and how you act in the mean time.  Not everyone is make of gold. those filthy rich fucks who have money growing on trees in their back yard…are the ones that give all of it plus more for Me.  Time to pay homage to Perfection.   the rest of you with no money should always be polite and remember I am always the boss.  If you want a custom clip you will wait and not nag and beg like a sissy bitch about it.  winey babies.  .  Introduce yourself and say what your fetishes are.  While this is taking place, you are making a purchase/tribute to your new domme, Me.   Gifts are the only way the game gets started. So get those wallets out and pay up if you want any attention from Me.


This weekend was a Pre-Valentines Day weekend for those Valentines that knew they could not have Me on Monday.  Friday one of My lovely lady Valentines got My car detailed for Me.  It looks and smells so good.  It needed it too.  Time to wash all the dried salt off of her.  I’m glad this streak of warm weather has melted some of the snow.  I was dodging puddles and swerving like a drunk driver on the way home.  Dinner and Chocolates to follow.  I love chocolate, but I hate those lame cards that people get you and you always throw away.  I also don’t like to get fresh cut flowers.  They die so quickly.  I’d just assume get Me a potted plant, or a pot plant.  know Me well enough that you only get Me shit I like or you silly boys can just send cash.

I had so much fun on Saturday night for My friend’s birthday party.  Everyone was looking nice.  Of course My outfit was off the chain.  I wore a sheer, lace, longsleeved shirt with a black bra underneath.  I had the slim fit Levis, and Michael Kohrs black strap pumps.  super cute.  Make you losers do a double take.  you didn’t need to stare to confirm the most beautiful girl in the club.  I drank 2 chocolate Martinis followed by 4 glasses of moscato.  not much dancing to start, but after my first 2 martinins, I knew I was ready to party.  People were just standing around, waiting for more guests to arrive. But I had to gather the dancing girls or the ones who i felt have been wanting to dance all night to the floor to start the party.  That’s how i do it…I bring the party to Me.  I had 5 girls shaking their asses before I knew it the club was packed and  we had a great time.  i like to mingle and see how awkward random convo is from people you don’t even know.  I can see how being approached by a beautiful woman like Myself could leave you silly drones speechless.

It was most amusing to see one man step put of his cab, first foot on the icey patch in front of the venue to fall right on his ass.  then there were 3-6 people trying to get one car out of the snow on the sides of the street where all the half melted snow was.  It was like how many dumb asses and accidents does it take to park your car somewhere close to the club downtown on a Saturday.