quick rant

To you lowlife loser who keeps trying to message me and think I wont know its you, just because you changed your YIM name, you are still boring and will never have a chance with Me.  You couldn’t keep My attention for more than minutes.  Your a silly troll to think I jump on cam just because you can wave a couple dollars around.  For your information, i have a real job and this is simply a pass time for Me to make extra money off you foot drones that cant get enough of My Perfectly high arches.   In other words I dont need you or your pathetic bullshit pickups.  Learn how to worship nothing but the best and maybe I’ll train you how to talk to a Domme and you may get a little further in this game piggie.  You obviously haven’t figured either out yet.

To My sneaky NiteFlirt caller, I can easily look to see it has been you calling Me to get ignored.  Not to worry as more site updates, including NF tribute buttons are coming soon.  Then maybe you will get some attention and I’ll allow you to actually talk while I pretend to listen to your lame ass tell Me how hard your toddler dick is from looking at My irresistible Peds.

sniff here

mind blowing