Summer updates

Welcome back to the Savage diary.  I had a great time in Mexico.  The sun was bright, the drinks were strong, and the resort was luxurious.  4 days of relaxing was good for the soul.  Everything about the trip was perfect.  lezzie lover was the only one who contributed to My international fun.  The rest of you turds chose to sit by idly on the sidelines, so you get vacation crumbs.

I’m excited for summer and the fun memories it brings.  I plan on taking a  handful of short mini vacations spread over the course of the summer to visit friends and family,  begin new vanilla and fetish endeavors, and collect your cash.  Many of you anticipate My holy body, scantily clad in a bikini; one purchased by YOU.  My sexy toes are exposed in sandals that will be worn for miles and miles while walking the city; sandals purchased by YOU.  I also love going for hikes and other outdoor activities.  Imagine getting to take a big whiff of a pair of MY sweaty trail socks; smelly socks for YOU to purchase.  you can feel the adrenaline now, imagining unzipping a sealed bag of MY stinky socks.  The idea of it makes you twitch.  your goal should be to please Me and contribute to My fun memories in the sun.  Shop My wishlist, cover tabs posted, and SEND TRIBUTES.

Are you a lurking loser or a contributing fan?
Did YOU buy this bikini?

Be sure to subscribe to My OnlyFans account, Get a closer look in My life with exclusive pictures.  Good (paying) boys get rewards.  These may come in the form of Savage souvenirs, pictures, clips, or simply My attention.  Start the summer off right and spend for Savage.