…months and months later

Hey Lovely Ladies and losers, I’m back to blogging after a bit of a break (surprise).  It has been so long since I last updated, it’s hard to pick a place to start.  First things first, let’s talk about My new bike and how cute I look riding it.  I love to go on 5+ mile rides.  One Savage souvenir collector purchased smelly socks and sweaty panties after a 13 mile ride. he knew how to thank Me for all of the opportunities of worship I created for your pleasure.

Bike Gang
socks so smelly they make your eyes water
SOLD: sweaty thong souvenir

The AsianGoddess came to Houston to visit Me.  As usual,  We were too stoned to take presentable pictures.  I laughed a LOT, drank way too much soju, and had a great time making new memories.  As much fun as We had here, I’m looking forward to visiting Her in California in just a few months.  Expect our Niteflirt lines to be ON.  We love to ruin beta boys when We are together.

Something I never thought I’d be doing is going to the rodeo.  Not once, but twice.  I went to the Rodeo once for a wicked cookout.  This turned out to be a drunken success story.  The second time was to see Santana live.  I, personally, was going for the Woodstock 1969 Santana Live, on acid.  Which was a victory as well.

Lick them clean, beta.

Summer is around the corner, so you should be contributing towards My fun funds.  Some items to cover are beach parking pass, new bikinis, and plenty of cash for drinks, snacks, new sunglasses, and whatever else I may think of while I’m out.  Follow My Twitter or pay to have access to My preferred chat platform, KIK, to find out what I’m up to.

you pay; I play

Last, but not least, My upcoming trip to Mexico. I am pretty excited since I deserve a nice beach vacation to kick off the season of sunshine.  So many of you little dweebs would jump at the opportunity to be My personal pool bitch. But that will never happen, so pay for My life of luxury and leisure.  lezzielover was the first of My pets who stepped up to contribute towards My fun in the sun.  The rest of you should fall in line.  Those who add to My adventures get rewards, such as exclusive vacation pictures like the one below.

 My cupcakes make you spendy