ugly wall of shame

I have been so busy lately. as you can tell by the lack of blog updates.  I know your tiny brains are dyeing for more details after reading My twitter.  I had a cuck who just couldn’t wait to have My divine beauty in front of his unworthy eyes.  there were many thing wrong with this picture.  I’ll go into detail only so you losers can try to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  First, how do you plan to meet up with someone if you don’t have and instant messenger on your phone and you don’t give Me your phone number?  you can’t be serious.  This is the same in the vanilla world dumb fuck.  I knew this wasnt going to work out from the beginning.  Then he is surprised when I say My girlfriend will be with Me when I was set to meet him initially.  He says he didn’t know he would be serving both of us, yet he wanted to be a live in cuck.  it just ended up with us never meeting and him being a bitch.  he wrote Me a shitty email and called Me names…ohhhh I’m so sad.  get over yourself dickmouth.  this just show most boys are assholes for no reason.  and why us Dommes charge you tiny dick cucks so much just to talk to you, much less meet you in person. your thought process is slower than growing grass.  I don’t mind you calling Me names because you are a worthless piece of litter, but you were mistaken when you tried to trash talk My girlfriend.  now I have to post pictures of your stupid ugly face on My pretty website.  don’t worry, I spared you the picture of him posing in his silk shirt like a TOTAL fucking idiot who obviously NEVER gets laid.

dick sucker
andy white from oakville. missouri

I also did a filming with stupid Cincinnati caddy.  he kept looking around all nervous and creeped Me out.  He begged to eat My toenails and drink a warm glass of My Goddess piss.  When I was filming the clips, I put his toothbrush in My cup of piss.  I’m sure he loved it.  I spit in his pitiful face.  so much that it looked like he just blew his load on his face.  Then I made him fill up My PRIUS before I left.  That’s right bitches.  I want $19.28 on the PRIUS.  it’s the principle not the amount spent.  this little bitch however did not follow directions and has to go on the ugly wall of shame too. feel free to ask him why he’s so dumb on his cell 859-661-3319.   See how Im trying to only rape your eyes with one post of losers.  Fucking pathetic these freaks are.

piss drinker
tim simpson from tennessee

canadian buttslut was all ready to leave, then I told him about his release fee and she decided she wanted to stay.  with this said, she hasn’t been around to play.  I guess she wants all of the internet to see her in her bra and panties and know how she feels wearing lingerie to work meetings under her suit.  She was My favorite shopper but she FAILED yet again.  I hope she gets her wish to finally one day get banged by a voluptuous tranny and pops the cherry on her sissy glory hole.

david hamiltion from ontario, canada

Maybe next time you social rejects wont test My pimp hand.  I will out your bitch asses.

yours truely
Divine Goddess

anyways, back to ME.  I have been busy being awesome and getting things in order for My summer trip to Puerto Rico.  I want MORE bikinis and sandals!!!  there can never be enough.  don’t forget about the trip to the salon for hair and a pedi before I make My way down to the tropics.  Some of you have contributed more than others.  remember I like to see you on your knees with your wallet out.  that’s what really gets My panties wet.  I know how many of you just cant wait for those cuckie clips with My hottie girlfriend.  Pay up because you could never score a pretty girl.  We only want you for your wallet.  hahahaaa