quitcha bitchin

My camera came from My new pet.  I took a few pictures here and there.  Visit My images for sale store.  I know you cant wait to see these polished Peds.  Dirty feet images for the grimey boys who love to like My feet clean.  Those clean arches and dirty soles get you off.  You dream about them in your mouth.  that’s the real reason behind all of your slobber marks on your pillow.  filtyfeetlover will go nuts over My new image set.  It will have him beating off at the firehouse.  The new archaddict  finally met his match.  He says all the Hotties claim to have high arches, but they are a let down.  I hope he didn’t think I was going to feel sorry for him.  after viewing a few of My pictures, he promptly visited My wishlist.  He must know how much I like the FedEx man to deliver presents.  clips of Me modeling My new loot are soon to come.  I don’t mind getting surprised by what you send as long as it came off My wishlist and I have a confirmation number.  that doesn’t make Me a bad Domme, it makes Me intriguing.


I’m tired of hearing how much you fuckers hate your girlfriends/wives and how you have to hide from them.  Get it in order or don’t come around when they are there.  don’t come to play while you are constantly saying “brb” and going long periods without response on any messenger.  My precious time and you will be ignored.  just come back and play when she’s not home.  then you’ll surely spend more $$ when you I have your full attention.  No half assin round here.

I had to skip the dog parade this year.  My oldest bulldog started her period the day before, and I know how hard it is to keep males away from a bleeding bitch.  ughhh.  I’m so glad it is her last one.  I had to make sure all her plumbing was in order after her last litter, then out come those nasty girl parts.  It is a pain in My ass too, I have to clean that shit up and change her diapers all the time.  YUCKY.  sound like a job for one of you puppets.  St. Patrick’s Day is only days away.  I’d much rather celebrate the Irish, than Mardi Gras.  St. Pats is My favorite day of the year.  even more than christmas, and almost more than My birthday, except when you drones pay homage on the day I was created.  I love to drink green beer and go the the parade.  Drunk Irish people are so fun. Someone needs to be visiting My whislist and ordering Me something pretty and green to wear.  shop soon so it will be here on time….no one likes late shit.