what’s your vice?

I can’t wait for My camera to get here.  poop on Sundays since there is no mail delivery.  My new pet  paid for it.   That plonker wanted to replace My old camera so I could add better quality pictures to My site.  You all can thank him. He cant get enough of Perfection. Beauty+arches=drain (BAD) for you, GOOD for Me.  hahaha.  Ready for those tax returns so spend spend spend on My Perfect Peds.  Feed your addiction.  another clip set has been added.  new video clips are on their way.  requests for long hair, pantyhose, humiliation, arches, hula hooping, dirty feet, and financial drain are to name a few.  keep the ideas coming.  I like to be creative.

Lent is right around the corner so decide what you are giving up to make your wallets more available to ME.  If you cannot get the little wheels in you brain moving, I will decide what you will sacrifice or any other self denial that will leave Me with more of your $$$$. It is common during Lent that one is to give up a vice of theirs (smoking, drinking, shopping) add something that will bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing that to ME.  You smelly ashtray faces can give up those expensive fags.  Now is the perfect time to quit smoking.  I hate smokers breath.  yucky.  and it is so expensive to pay more than $5 for a pack of shit that is proven to kill you.  It’s simple.  Find ways to make more money find its way into My possession.

Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday are fast on their way.  Mardi Gras is usually too cold and I do not show the goodies for free.  I like Fat Tuesday better than the traditionally celebrated prior weekend.  It is a day before ASH Wednesday and slightly more calm, but still fun for the party crowd.  Keep those drinks flowing and those lovely ladies hiding Mysteriously behind those masks jiving.