electronic upgrade

what a fun weekend I had going out with the girls.  Liquor was flowing and My heels dancing.  I had a good time while I was out with My hot friens.  why is it when men see a gorgeous group of ladies, they feel the need to yell things at them or pull on their arm so they will dance with them.  LAME.   and rude.  you losers wish you could have a chance with Perfection…and you can, but it will cost you.  And not a free drink from the bar filled with rail liquor that I could have gotten for free Myself.  needless to say, Friday I drank alot and lost My camera, so you silly boys should get to work after reading this blog and visit My wishlist or send it through PayPal via My email.  There would be pictures available for you if I had a camera.  This also goes to show where procrastination leads you.  I have been meaning to post the pics from My camera of the loot you all have sent, along with a few prized christmas gifts, and a few vieos, but now I have nothing to show.  So go get that camera and I will be sure to send you and exclusicve clip of Perfection.  See and you silly boys thought all dommes were mean.  bahahah.  well We may be heartless at time, but not always mean.  Saturday was recovery day and I went shopping and got a few pairs of Buckle jeans, two tops, a couple new bras, and jewelry to match.  Sunday was laundry, and boy did I have a ton of it.  I know how much you boys love laundry day.  its like it makes your fetish filled hearts  smile at the thought of My dirty socks or panties I have worn and sweated in.  hahaha to each is own, some may even be for sale. 

Also to be said is that My new Old English Bulldog ate My computer cord, so I need a new computer too.  I could probably just order a new power cord but My name isnt Perfection for just these Peds.  I deserve the best so work harder or put in longer hours…whatever it is that you do to support your LAME life, do that so I can rape your wallet to get a new computer.  I wanted the iPad, but I’d rather wait for iPad 2 and that doesnt come out until next month.  If your feeling extra special and want a little attention you can pre-order it Apple.  Lucky for you minions I have moved these two items to the highest of My priorities on My amazon wishlist so it wont be hard for your simple brain to find. 

As much as I hate the gym, I still make Myself go.  I suppose thats the way you boys feel when you hate to drain your bank account again and again, but you know its going for a good cause so you continue to do it.  If you want (in My case) improvements or in (your case) attention, you will pay the price…literally.