You wish you knew

My single lefestyle has plenty of perks and benefits.  this includes My taste in women that has come around to show I cannot help but to do a double take at beautiful women.  I like just about any ethnicity.  My favorite being  Lipstick lesbians which are always head turners, long or short hair.  I think Fly girls are so interesting I just have to try it out.  teeehee I love toned bodies and big butts.  Everyone loves the ladies with the curves in the right places.  I mean thats a huge deal why you morons fall to your knees when you see gorgeous women.  You just may be looking at different things first; where My brain scans a women from top to bottom, starting with teeth.  You have to have good teeth.  You too like women, you probably just start at the bottom and go up.  You still like to get off, but you get off on Perfect Peds  and start scanning a woman from bottom to top, as most men could care less and just want to cum, regardless of your face or body.  your standards are much lower than Mine.  I’m sure what goes on behind My closed doors is much more exciting than you could ever wrap your simple mind around.  As far as men go, you need not worry so much about that because you will never be apart of that either.  I hate skinny guys as I see them useful for well not much more than for My humiliation. haha

you only wish.  too bad your dick is too little and it cannot even stay hard, no matter how hard you try…lol no pun intended, or what kind of pharmaceuticals you eat can you ever please Me.  Never would I want to touch your tiny childish looking cock.  You love to hear about My Lady friend or My hot man.  you get excited because its rare that I share My personal life with you.

Here lately My NF line has been blowing up.  Thanks for adding to My balance just to ignore you and laugh at your pitiful ass.  You especially like to call in and listen to Me smoke when I have company.  I can see why.  There are always interesting conversations.  Food for thought if you will.  you call anytime, even why I don’t post that My line is on, you think your special enough to get My attention whenever you want?? bahahaha.  Keep calling to get laughed at and to put those $$$ into My pockets.

I laugh when you think you got over on Me by wasting My time.  I am put together so seamlessly, while you are ratty tatty and cannot understand simple tasks agreen71183.  this little dick fucker thinks he wants to play and cannot even hit up My wishlist before talking or introducing yourself.  you know how the game goes shortstop.  If you cant pay up, I don’t have time for you either.  I’m amazing and your a loser.  and more losers like you will come along and be set back to the pool of little dick, lonely, fetish defeated scum and feed off the bottom where you belong.  because your a bottom and like it in your ass faggot.  haha I make Myself giggle and thats all that matters.