End of the month update

As promised from My last blog, I will be doing more frequent mini blog entries instead of waiting months between updates.  Now if I could just update My clips as often….

I had a great birthday.  My friend took Me out for drinks at an upscale bar, complete with mixologists and drinks I’d never heard of.  The staff behind the bar were especially helpful and I really enjoyed all of My yummy beverages.  he then drove Me, the intoxicated Princess, and My car to his place and paid for My Uber home.

The next day a lucky loser sent $300 in birthday tributes and stepped up to pay for those ballet tickets I wanted so badly.  I got him really drunk and he had no idea how much premium seats were.  Watching his face melt as he realized he had just blown $700+ was priceless.  haahahahaha

My silly little broke college slave wanted to contribute to My special day.  he did the best he could and got Me tickets to an event here in Houston from Groupon.  This should be a lesson to ALL of My fans out there.  EVERYONE can contribute.  No wallet too big or small for My greed.  If you forgot to get ME a gift, it isn’t too late.  Send one NOW!!


I went to Austin, TX to see a UK musician.  It was a lot of fun.  My Lady and I were planning to go back for ACL this weekend.  you can pay Me back for the tickets -$200 total.  I enjoy art and live shows, which is why you will find My boys are usually the ones footing the bill for My leisure activities.  As it should be.