First Quarter: 2017

YAY hectic holidays are over and We are well into 2017! A quick recap for the end of the year, which was NOT impressive.  The U.S. has turned into a shit show, complete with golden showers.  euro beta bitch came crawling back after slutting around.  he dropped a few hundred, but who is counting if it isn’t four digits.  Honestly, I love humiliating and mind fucking him to his breaking point.  Lezzie lover sent a few hundred around Christmas, but I am not as impressed as I was last year when he bought Me new kitchen appliances.  This is a perfect example of how to NOT serve ME.

I’m way late on the New Year wishes, but at least I can get both New Year and Lunar New Year in one post.  Welcome 2017!!!  I’ve cleared out the waste of fickle subs, and made room for new devoted minions.


I don’t usually have politics mixed in with My smut, but with this disaster, I find it impossible not to speak My mind.  I’ll start by saying it is a shame our current president of the US is taking us on a dizzying adventure swirling down the toilet bowl.  Most of My followers know I am an educated, outspoken woman not known for biting My tongue.  If you don’t like My fusion of smut, politics, food, nature, and animals, then don’t follow Me.


Moving on to more important things.  RUINING you.  hahaha.  I said last year that I was going to make more frequent blog updates.  That was a joke.  My vanilla life always takes priority over you hand bumpers.  However, this year, I plan to be assiduous in regards to My online presence and taking MORE of your hard earned cash.  My cam and phone lines are be on frequently.  Do yourself a favor and purchase My Skype ID on IWC.  For more frequent interactions with Me, I recommend KIK.  This includes exclusive photos not posted on Twitter. Like the one below


This is your year to become a better submissive.  Strive to be a sub I enjoy talking to, one that I will engage with even when you haven’t paid.  hahahahaha yea right.  As if I’d ever talk to you freaks without you paying.   new1

Secret admirers need to step it up.  I’ve had multiple Niteflirt callers admitting to be lurkers for years, admiring pictures and blog updates from afar.  EEeeewwww.  This tells Me you think you are a fan, but in reality are a freeloading cheap fuck that jerks off to My pictures.  you are such a loser that aren’t tributing Me yourself, but rather getting off on seeing others who’ve contributed to My lifestyle.  make yourself useful.  Retweet My pictures and site links.  Send anonymous gifts or tributes to show your appreciation.  Pay for the things I tweet that I really want.  The ones that pay attention and contribute get noticed–and rewarded.  If you aren’t spending, keep quiet or find yourself blocked.  Keep your compliments to yourself unless they are accompanied by cash.

If in past years, months, days, even hours if you feel like you haven’t spent enough to enhance My life, you didn’t.  This is the time to put your own wants on the back burner.  Make sacrifices to show your devotion.  Speak My language…CASH!!  Feed My GREED.

Some of you have been working hard and spending for years to become subs that I trust and actually enjoy.  For example, My longest serving footbitch often gets double humiliation or foot worship from My GF and I without paying extra, simply because We like him…and enjoy making fun of him.


Spring is around the corner.  I can’t wait to get out sun dresses, shorts, and sandals.  Be a good little maggot and send Me gift cards to fatten My wardrobe.