LONG overdue, but without further adieu

Recently, I had to turn down a potentail local slave.  I can’t believe I have to repeat this, but if you cannot manage paying, and paying often, then you need NOT apply.  However, there was one local boy who has been sending gifts and tributing for small requests (via Twitter/text) that I offer to those with less endowed wallets.  Later, he paid to meet Me in person.  he took My Girlfriend and I to lunch. where I determined he was not a murderer.  On the contrary, My Lady and I could smell the virgin seeping through his pores, which We later humiliated him about.  Check out the clips he was blessed to be a part of.  Now go thank ME!!!

I recently thought My Mac died, but it turns out it just needed an internal battery.  Now that I have My computer back, I will be updating My smut more often. Send $300 for the MacBook repairs and be thankful you are not faced with the burden of buying Me a brand new one.

Throughout the summer I went to multiple music festivals.  One of which My GF and I were given VIP tickets and one paid for by lezzielover.  I visited St. Louis just long enough to hand deliver My mother’s birthday gift and visit TheAsianGoddess.  We seem to get less than thrilling fans calling Our Niteflirt when We are together.



lezzielover has been keeping his distance, but he can’t resist dropping cash in My greedy hands from time to time.  However, he still manages to send simple cash envelopes with varying amounts from $100-$500.  I often send this old cuck pictures of My Girlfriend and I.  This is a snapshot of Us having hot tea in Our back yard.  his pervy mind can’t help but to do what he has been conditioned to do- SPEND.  he knows the purpose of his life to is be USEFUL to ME.  Being able to contribute to My lifestyle gives him purpose.


My longest serving Footboy got engaged and thought he would be able to quit Me.  This is hilarious for a multitude of reasons.  Do you think he quit paying to jerk off to My perfect curvy soles??  NOOoo.  Instead I insisted he pay more.  One app in particular makes his dick twitch.  When he hears the crash register sound as I request money his one eyed snake is activated.  This has led to him jerking it while repeating the truth: like how much of a lifelong slave he has been and will continue to be, how jerking off to Me is so much better than sex with his fiancé, he is only good for paying, and how I always want MORE!!!


Now he pays, recovers, and spends again, and again, and AGAIN.  I happen to enjoy conditioning him that the only pleasure he brings Me is with his wallet.  Boy brains are so easy to manipulate, especially when they are hard and ready to release their poison.

Be sure to leave a tip that will get My attention when buying clips one at a time.iwctrib <<<<-Like this guy.

Many of My fans that follow Me on twitter have been given much less attention.  There will be more mini blogs and all pictures and video snippets worth seeing are posted to My follow+ account.  For those of you that are new to this, it is a PAID site that allows you access to the most exclusive pictures and allowing you to send tips for the content that you makes you twitch.

I recently had a cum guzzling sissy who was ready to take on a new Glory Hole.  We went on a double date of sorts.  she set off to get her mouth abused while I was enjoying drinks and dancing at a gay club here in Houston.  she paid for the pleasure of Our “date” and for this picture I sent her at the end of My night. The next day she sent an email about how horrible she felt, describing it as full of disrespect, and low on dignity.

I’ve been trying to live simply.  Which means I have been purging old stuff and selling Savage souvenirs.  $100 for worn panties/bikini, $50 for socks

My birthday is September 22nd.  Be sure to show your appreciation for your Goddess and send cash, presents, and gift cards. Tributes flatter Me so make them fat and juicy. Send to MsKatieSavage@gmail.com I should not be paying for ANY of My birthday celebrations.  This includes a new bicycle ($900), tickets to Madame Butterfly ballet ($400), and shopping!