Spend harder!!

This year has come and gone so fast for Me.  I’ve been enjoying nature and Myself.  That’s right, putting Myself first for the past few months felt phenomenal.  I traveled to New Orleans, La., Chicago, IL., Austin, Tx., and Tennessee.  Getting to visit My sister, LadyLuxxx, for a week was a blast.  As you can imagine, the Mean Team was in full effect!!!  We did a whiskey tasting tour and hiked to a cute little waterfall spot.  I had to take off my clothes and get in while She sat on the rock wall and laughed at Me.  My friend from St. Louis came to town to visit Me.  She even got to witness and Niteflirt call.  hahaha

I was having fun and living it up until Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston.  It was devastating and humbling at the same time.  I kayaked through the streets in My neighborhood.  The further I got from My house the more horrified I became.  The damage was like nothing I’d ever witnessed.  After the water went down and the clean up process began, I continued on with My regular run around My neighborhood.  Instead of feeling invigorated, I was heartbroken for My community.  Thankfully My home had minimal damage, yet nearly every street in My neighborhood was under water.  I spent two weeks delivering hygiene products, laundry soap, and food/water to those who had nothing.  Then came Hurricane Irma and Maria and more mass shootings.  There were devastating fires and earthquakes.  Not to mention living in a country with a clown for a president.  I’m hoping the new year will be brighter.

As you can see I have been busy with My own life lately.  However, I am ready to get back into the kinkier side of things and shred your finances for the holidays.  I hope you’re ready.  I’ve been plotting on ways to destroy your ego and your credit cards.  I know just what to do to turn your brain to mush and make you think with the stupid head between your legs.

It is My favorite time of the year.  Accepting gifts from a mysterious man with a beard that watches Me when I’m sleeping.  Be My Santa this year and see how rewarding it feels.  Wifey isn’t paying too close attention to your bank statement right now, so get to spending on ME.

I will be here to accept cash and gifts.

…And reminding you what a loser you are.

Then there are the few guys that are not losers, they simply enjoy a fun game, or worshipping and seeing Me smile.  So let’s play a game, a drinking game.  A little liquid courage to make the night more exciting.

I could go on and on with a recap on how My subs have been behaving, but honestly I don’t think they deserve the recognition.  If you want to come and go as you please, you will be treated as such. If you’ve been serving Me long term and fucked up, you too will start from the bottom all over again.  If you are delivering the bare fucking minimum, I will throw the D/s relationship in the trash.  Step it up or get stepped over!  The most frightening thing to you lonely fist fuckers is when a strong, independent woman enjoys being alone, unbothered by you!  Figure your shit out and come correctly: on your knees, eyes to the floor, and wallets out!

Buy Me presents or Skype ID for a session with Me.

Happy spoiling, boys.