getting addicted

I know you have been wondering if I had a good Valentine’s Day.  My daddy got Me chocolate covered strawberries.  They were so YUMMY.  He has been doing that for as long as I can remember.  He gets one box for all the lovely ladies in his life. that being Wife, Daughters, and Mother when Big Momma was alive (God rest her).  That is a real man.  Consistent!  I also had an amazing dinner.  Valentines day is so over rated however it is the biggest cuckold day of the year.  You like to hear about all the stories of the Dommes and their significant others.  I deserve the best, but I deserve that everyday of the year.  Valentine’s day is the one time a year for fuck ups to redeem themselves by overspending, overeating, and you online fetish perves overbeating your meat.  You bought image sets, visited wishlists, and paid for live cam.  It is lame to only show the one you truly care about that you love them on a certain day in February.  It has transformed its way into a yearly holiday to help boost this shitty economy.  Speaking of economy you should watch this video Zeitheist.  Some nerd led Me to it and it’s actually interesting.

Wednesday however was a nice day for Me.  Wannabe has been wanting to see these Peds for 2 days now, but since we are in different timezones it is a bit more difficult.    He had to make sure he could handle adding 6 hours to My time in the states to make an appointment.  Flexed that wallet with 3 different  transactions.  I’m not being greedy, I just wanted you to know you cannot say no to Perfection.  I’m one in a million perv.  Now that you have realized that you can sleep with the images of Me on your mind; save them as your wallpaper on your phone and computer to worship Me all day.  You cannot be forced to spend unless you are addicted. Within 1 day My newest pet has decided he is ready to be owned.  He begs Me to train him and drain his wallet at the same time.  He has now been assigned a chore, with multiple tasks.  He is to pay My phone bill monthly.  I like to make My pets work for their ownership.  I don’t want unworthy shit at My feet.  that is a bad reputation….something I do not associate with.

I have a new admirer who loves only high arches.  He is addicted to feet, but has been longing for deep arches that make his mouth water.  Looks like he found his match.  He knows who he is since he just subscribed to My bolggyblog.  You too will fall victim to My amazingly high arches.  You deserve to be beneath Me and My sniffilicious feet.   My dirty Peds is what really gets him off. As he is only worth the dirt that comes from the bottom of My filthy feet.

ALSO, I do not make it a habit to do real time.  If you think you can afford Me then try Me.  That is big shit to Me.  Real time is like get yourself real time killed by craiglist killer type shit.  To ever think you could be close enough to smell Me you would need hundreds of dollars to spend.  and if you thought you could touch, sniff, or lick My PeddyPies,  well that will cost extra.  I will not meet with someone I do not feel comfortable with and it will be a public session.  like in public places, with lots of people.  think shopping mall or comedy club, though that is kind of dark.  you wouldn’t be able to see My Peds.  Instead I would drive you wild to think you could be playing footsies with Me.  My peds are so close, they are actually right under the table…much closer than through the world wide web.  that’s right bitches I’m world wide.  [slideshow]

Reggae night out on Thursday was fun.  I like to chill out and hoop or listen to people really vibing out to their music.  Also My friend had a bag of hash cookies.  they were pretty amazing.  I ate 3 of them.  It was a good night.  The ride home felt like it took forever.  Really it was only about 20 minutes.  Funny how that happens.  With alcohol people tend to drive faster or wreckless and with maryjane they drive slower and always use let everyone else at the stop signs go first.  take note of that.  This is true.

Keep sending your feet requests and maybe for the right price I will fill your needs while you send Me $$$ and gifts.  before long you won’t be able to say no.  get addicted to PERFECTION.