Happy (Lunar) New Year!!!

I’m late with My new year greetings, but who will hold it against ME??  As usual I have been busy with the new year.  I moved….AGAIN.  This should be the last move for a while.  I plan to settle here in Houston for a while. For NYE, I went to a swanky bar downtown.  VIP table, bottle service, and more men staring at Me than I care for.  My little red dress and cute black strappy heels were a hit.  Compliments flowed as easily as the drinks.  We both know compliments are nothing without CASH attached.

IMG_1440  IMG_1570

Right before christmas, wallet went on a binger.  I had him buy My favorite tea mug.  A $45 ceramic rainbow unicorn mug.  he bought countless pairs of sneakers, gift cards, and sent multiple LARGE tributes. To My surprise he was back clicking around after less than a month.  he usually stays in hiding for months at a time after binging.  I really lit into him this time.  Seeing boys clear wish lists and send back to back tributes makes Me HOT. I LOVE when he is in the spending mood.  It is so effortless on My end.  he begins clearing items off of My wish list before I can even assign him more.  Some of the more impressive items are the 10 pairs of shoes which included Ruthie Davis moto boots and Her sexy heels. 2 Guieppe heels, Stewart W knee high boots that look great on My long lean legs.  Not only did he chomp away at My wish list, but he sent tributes in various forms, as well as buying My new dishwasher and stove top for the house My GF and I were renovating.  Bahahaha  Home improvements can be expensive, but it is a good thing I have your credit cards to cover the cost.  Thanks, weak wallet.


Don’t forget My wishlist  is for fun.  I often add things for boys to spoil Me with. These are to be purchased in a form of “i’m thinking of you” or clip clothes. THESE ARE NOT FORMS OF PAYMENT! your ultimate goal should be CASH tributes. I’ve even added more ways for you to send Me your hard earned cash online–>  IWantClips is now open and super easy to send, and it is My preferred tribute site.  I also accept GW, GR, and square.  Chances are you aren’t worthy enough to tribute on the latter three platforms,  However, they should NOT contain worship messages on them as these are vanilla businesses.  Don’t be stupid.

While we are on the topic of being stupid, it seems Twitter has made it all to easy for freeloaders to speak when no one is speaking to them.  If you aren’t paying Me then there is no need for you to tweet Me, much less make requests for pictures.  This could even constitute as a custom clip, which are $10/min and up.  A choosy beggar gets NOTHING.  If you want to see more of Me check out My clips stores on clips4sale and iwantclips.

I’ve decided to that My yahoo messenger is catching dust and it is becoming obsolete.  I decided to start a Kik account.  My user Id on Skype and KIK can be purchased for $50: MsKatieSavage.  Don’t get left behind because you are too lazy to create another account for wanking your weiner.

I’ve finally decided to meet with dork this weekend.  I’ll be taking his tax return hahahaha.  I’m so nice to allow him to meet Me, but we all know that comes with a price.  A few drinks, a few benji’s, and a few clips.  Stay tuned to My newly updated clips store on C4S and IWC for footage of the RT session.

I have plans to visit South Florida (between Tampa and Miami) the first weekend in March. The reason for the visit: a music festival called Okeechobee.  The tickets were about $600 for My Girlfriend and I.  I expect them to be reimbursed quickly.  Contribute to My lavish life.  Good boys will receive exclusive pictures.