real time vs fantasy.

hello lovelies and losers. It has been a month since My last blog. surprise, surprise! I had better things to do, like having a great holiday with My Girlfriend. It was My first time visiting Atlanta, and I had a great time. The visit was far too short, but I was still able to make some quick cash off of the lonely losers for Thanksgiving. Footbitch was in LOVE. My perfectly sculpted, curvy peds next to My Girlfriend’s big, smooth, size 12 feet. what a cute pair to make your mouth water. Then theres My paypig who’s wallet and ass have been taking a beating. he fills up My amazon account and then gets on cam to whore around. This time he had his big black cock suctioned to a glass dinner plate, trying to get some anal action by sitting on a chair, but the plate kept falling. This lead to other hilarious positions, him anxious for more penetration. I know how you losers get when you crave that big black COCK. Needless to say, it was a show that kept us laughing. My HOT lady induced orgasms were so great during Thanksgiving weekend that I made him watch only lesbian porn for a whole month. Haahahaha. A few callers from NiteFlirt. One loser was lucky enough to call and listen to My sexcapades. A nice 20 minute call, at least. Another super dork wanted to chat about My amazing feet while I shopped around Home Depot telling him what things in the store My feet would look great in. he loved it of course. you fistfuckers are so weird. I can’t forget about the dork who called while I was out with the family for dinner. he stayed on My ignore line from the moment We received Our menus, until the time the check came. Thanks again to My arab bitch who paid for My ticket to ATL. The rest of you losers did nothing impressive or worth mention to cap off November.

December has left Me in a bit of a mood lately. This is not the most pleasant of moods for the holiday, so I chose to take My rant out to My blog. some of you boys need a reminder that you were given the breath of life to serve women. See, inside some of your male head is a huge delusion that you will get to meet Me in real life. Just because you serve Me online, does not ENTITLE you to meet Me in person. Much less, without paying a hefty price. some of you tools are not the sharpest in the shed. I know most of you freaks are dying to have a real-time session with a HOT, gorgeous Domme like Myself. That, however doesn’t mean it will be smiles, pleasure, much less free. It may be the face of a pauper begging for mercy, or the pain of crop on the bare skin. you are using MY free time. I’m hesitant of real-time sessions because you should be able to have somewhat of a personal relationship with a long-term slave, especially one you are going to meet in person. Some want to be dominated, some want to be able to have a “normal” conversation with their Domme, but it’s picking your puny little brain to find out exactly when to go from “normal” conversation, to “Dont make eye contact with me, get on your knees, and suck My heel like those pencil dicks you love so much.” There is a reason gorgeous women of the Internet don’t want to ‘hang out’ with you idiots just for fun. We have our own friends to hang out with. you losers have to pay Us to hang out with you. We don’t NEED a film slave. I have guy friends that are willing to be in clips too… mmmkay. If you know Me, I’m not one to pump out clips anyways. you would be amazed at the number of boys who don’t even keep up with your blog, but think the would ever deserve to meet you in person, yet they don’t even know you. Some losers fantasize about a live in mommy/baby scenario, or a puppy in a crate, or the cuckold living in the basement. Others love the fantasy of never dreaming to meet Me because they know they are not worthy enough to be in My presence. It depends on if your Domme is looking for a live in slave or not. And if NOT, are you willing to accept that and still serve them? Get to know your Domme and make sure She is what you are looking for, and if these issues are something you can bend on. These are the things I have to spell out for you. I get it, when your little dicklet is in your hand and you are wanking away, you feel very submissive. The point is, you wont be at your most submissive state, with your little man chub in your hand, wanking while you are in My presence; and it will cost you BIG bucks.

It makes Me ill to think that one of My boys, for example, said standing in the cold and buying Me a tv for Black Friday was too expensive, but he’d suck dick for Me fine had too. well that is fine too. I say if you boys are willing to suck cock for Me, then you are doing it in your own, inner homo ways to please another man and show you are submissive. you just offered your mouth out to ‘some guy’s dick’. Meanwhile I sit back and laugh at you. I also had the MacBook on My wishlist for a little while now. Instead of him doing his research, looking at black friday ads in ways he could be graced with my gorgeous smile, he sat on his ass doing NOTHING. It was in fact on sale for $800 on black friday, instead he took the long way of building up My amazon account $1000 in just a week? Most of the credit for the MacBook goes to this dork for $1200. I can’t wait until it ships!!! Thanks footbitch! Dont you think it would have been easier to get My TV while it was on a MAJOR sale? HAHAHA you silly boys only know how to think with one head. Work smarter, not harder. Katie Savage is always right 😀 >                                                                                                                20121214-112700.jpg

I expect you to keep a smile on My pretty face for the rest of the holiday season. ‘Tis the season for GIVING. THIS is the time when you really spoil your Goddess, Princess, Mistress, or Domme. THIS is the time when your dumb wife is not looking at your credit card spending as close. I want you to open a new credit card, or raise the limit on your current card to make sure My wants are met before yours. No excuses. If you think your sob story about how you have to buy Christmas gifts for others or big bills are coming up at the end of the year, whatever they are…I do NOT give one shit about them. I care about what you have done for Me. Also I tend to get in the giving mood. I give gifts to those boys who have been good for Me throughout the year. Send all gift cards to msperfectpeds at yahoo dot com.