silver lining…

Just a short little blip about what is going on in My pretty Princess life to keep that yearning Katie fix satisfied.  I am a little crabby since the couch lezzielover ordered on the 11th has not been delivered to My new palace.  I checked My order on amazon and it says the item has shipped, but no tracking info.  I emailed the merchant, but received no reply.  So LAME!!!  This is what happens when you let a slave have a little wiggle room with your purchases.  I told lezzielover to buy Me one of two leather sectional sectionals I assigned to him on My wishlist and this little twirp buys the one that doesnt ship via amazon prime.

I woke up to the ugliest blister on My beautiful big toe.  I should have known to wear double socks to walk to zoo in 35 degree weather.  My feet were so frozen that I couldnt feel the rubbing of My frozen toe on My sneakers I was breaking in and got a blister.  This means no foot clips for a little while.  Sorry, not so sorry for you losers.

However, Me being the overly awesome person that I am, I find the silver lining in everything.  I happen to be able to roll over and tug at My Girlfriend’s panties and ask rhetorically  “Hey, can you get me off so I can take a nap before work?” It’s pretty amazing.  I’ll tell you what else is fabulous.  I love to see a clit boner.  It’s way hotter to get than a guy boner.  boys get aroused so easily, it almost isn’t fun.  A woman, on the other hand requires a steamy build up to make her swell with excitement.  Most of you losers do know what that feels like as you are probably a virgin, impotent loser, or shrimp dick fool.  The only way you dorks get Me hot and wet is through your wallet when the tributes, wallet rapes, and BIG gifts start coming in.

To balance out My poor toe, My Girlfriend seems to have a little foot fetish of Her own.  I love when she sucks on My toes after I cum.  I never realized how much I like it since Im usually grossed out when ugly boy slobber is touching them.  Then I see how hot it makes Her and We go at it again.  HOT, HOT, HOT!  will you be lucky enough to get a clip of this mouth watering action in My clips store??

Pussy Power
warming My feet

With all that being said, make sure you are calling My niteflirt lines.  I have a line just for you adoring little cuckolds who call hoping to hear sexy time., which has a VERY high probability considering I keep Her in the bed like it’s Her job 😉  If that’s not your thing, you can confess your kinky little fetishes to yours truly.  Im so generous that I’d even allow the broke little brown noser who wants to spend to get ignored.  Call Me up and give Me a laugh.