July updates

Hello again.  It’s that time for another update on My perfect life.  As you know from My lack of tweets and delayed updates, I am having so much fun on My vacation.  It is hard to believe I have just 26 days left in pretty pretty Puerto Rico.  There is so much to say since I havent done a blog update in what seems like forever.  I’ll try to keep it simple and talk mostly of Myself of course.  I’ll start with 4th of July fun in the sun with My Girlfriend.   Snorkeling, paid for by lezzielover, was fun and it was My first time snorkeling.  After a long day in the sun and snorkeling, We sexed each other up, then passed out for a few hours before the fireworks started.  We watched fireworks from our balcony nekkid!!!  be jealous losers. 

keep drooling

Then LadyLuxx came to visit the first thing We did was go ziplining.  It was so much fun to do the largest zipline in the world again.  Not only is it the tallest, but it is the longest.  Then We went to Culebra, an island not far from the main island of PR.  We took the plane on our way there and I was co-pilot—AGAIN!  I LOVE going there because the sand feels like mounds of powdered sugar between My toes and the water is so clear.  LadyLuxx and I also snorkeled at Culebra.  I have been to more rivers and places here than most Puerto Ricans who actually reside on this island have.  They are so beautiful, and most of them have multiple waterfalls.  My favorites included one with a slide made of rocks and another with 20 and 30 foot cliffs to jump from.  The thrill of jumping 30 feet and plunging into the crisp clean water was surprisingly more refreshing than plunging My big silicon dick into your gaping wallet….hence My lack of concern for your need to read about My precious life on vacation.

taking your CA$H
closer to Me than you will ever be

My GF is so sweet, making Me breakfast in bed.  She knows how much I love pancakes!  Too bad you losers missed out on the sweet sticky fun!  After a quickie We were off to festival de flores.  It was so beautiful there.  It was My first time seeing all of the exotic flowers.

Festival de Flores

I’m so excited for the Olympics.  I’ve got My HBOgo logged in and I cant wait to see what unfolds for the summer Olympics.  I’m only going to tell you once not to annoy Me with your stupid ramblings about it.  Dont bother Me and ask if I just saw so and so diving. I don’t give two fucks who you are rooting for.  I will however allow you to talk to Me about the Olympics if you are paying to do so.  My favorites to watch are beach volley, gymnastics, diving, and triathlon.  Fit chicks and a test of endurance is the perfect combo for Me.  With the Olympics starting I will confess My weariness of the Illuminati.  If you don’t know about it, expand your narrow mind and take a peek here and here.  This makes ME want the Illuminati card game SOOOOO bad.  I’ve added it to My wishlist, and one of you freaks are going to buy it for Me.  The game was originally $63 when added to My wishlist, but now it is almost $100.  Go fetch dorks.

Also I am now a member of GreedySnobs.  So feed My greed and shop My wishlist!  I always want more and it seems I’m becoming more and more insatiable.  I want it all.  If you aren’t making weekly deposits and tributes, I want you to skip those lunch outings with the co-workers and your fat ass humbly eating peanut butter and jelly at your desk like an undeserving bitch so you can give it ALL to ME.  I love to see My greedy, perfectly manicured nails with your cash, or clicking away spending those gift cards.  I haven’t even been keeping up with My presents from My little drones as I the packages are being sent to the palace of theasiangoddess, and she has her own packages to keep up with.  I do LOVE LOVE LOVE My new running shoes.  I tried to run in My barefoot new balance, but My high arches did not agree.  I also like these super comfy sandals with a slight wedge to keep it classy and street friendly. 

new running shoes

While usually I am quite punctual with custom clips, I’ve been making turkeyjerkey wait forever for his paid custom clip of My Girlfriend and I.  We have been so busy having fun and entertaining LadyLuxx that I hardly found the time to upload the clip (has already been removed from clips4sale).  I love seeing his weak ass squirm as I dangle a simlpe tracking number in front of him.  you boys are so easy to manipulate and I LOVE IT!!!!  he’s so anxious for any attention, he actually paid for shipping TWICE.  baaahahahaa.  I love to treat his benevolent ass like a real slave.  I make him serve My whole family, buying them items from My wishlist and begging for more orders from his Goddess.

speaking of new clips, I’ve been pumping out custom clips lately.  you can have one too.  Custom requests start at $10 a minute, and I change the rate depending on how perverted and sick you want to play.  Dont send Me requests for child porn, animal fucking, or any other demented shit.  I may be a pretty picture of savage, but I’m not here for all that.  send your custom requests to msperfectpeds @ yahoo.com.  I have shoes and other worn items that are for sale as well, but I prefer to distance Myself from that silly ebanned as there is no way to enforce that you retarded ass eaters will actually send money, and well My way is always better.

I will have a tumbler account soon for the weak losers with weak wallets.  By soon, I probably mean when I get back to the states because I’m too busy vacationing here.  Anyways this will allow the peon submissive to pay for an individual assignment.  I know not every submissive male has the fattest wallet, but I expect the whole lot of you broke bitches to be viewing My tumblr account and clicking away your cash.