New Year, New Beta Toys

A recap of 2020:

The bizarre pandemic state of the world has led Me to a dull end of year when compared to previous ones. Some have struggled more than others, hence the limited boasting on recent posts. While some of My pets’ finances have not been effected by the impact of the virus, others have made sacrifices to serve Me. I’m thankful for all of My fans who buy My content and spoil Me consistently. Where do you stand? What have you contributed?

I spent hours hyper focused on the circus that has become American politics. What a shitshow. Now that the worst is behind us, we can carry on with more normal lives. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Let’s move on to the more exciting details. The local sub candidate from the previous post did not turn out to be fruitful of My labors. he became obsessed with me after our first meeting in person, which is very common. he told Me stories of spoiling a previous Domme, how he gave her thousands, and performed oral servitude, etc. he later professes his infatuation with My beauty; the dummy stated he wanted to devote himself financially, mind, body, and soul. bla bla bla. Of course I told the beta he would need to prove himself by putting his money where his mouth is. he was tasked with a specific $600 purchase. As predicted, he disappeared immediately after. I cannot comprehend how so many subs think they are entitled to My most intimate and private body parts. If over time you have served properly, proved yourself, and I seek that type of pleasure, I will let you know. However, if you cannot meet My financial needs, you won’t ever be considered. The spot for a local submissive still stands. I am looking forward to having real time sessions again soon.

None for you

My girlfriend and I took a road trip to Colorado to celebrate Our birthdays. We enjoyed the mountains, hiked, and marveled at the breathtaking views. We chose to do a short yet extremely strenuous hike over a long easy hike only to later found ourselves out of breath and laughing at our decision while eyeballing the difficult terrain surrounding us. Having visited during the fall, we were able to catch the last weekend of camping for the season. The cold mountain air is just what I needed to brighten such a drab year and recharge Myself. Who can visit a legal state and forget the weed?! It was consumed in copious amounts. lezzie lover paid for reservations and even sent a bit of cash for My dispensary treats.

Garden of the Gods

Once I returned to Houston, I took My tired legs to soak in the bath. After getting out I slipped and stepped on a raised nail in the threshold of the doorway. It has since healed, but it left a small scar on the ball of My foot. This caused foot clips and pictures to be placed on hold, until recently. Only a serious foot connoisseur would be able to spot it. See if your eye is trained enough to find it. so curvy

Welcome 2021!
I am beyond delighted to welcome the new year with a new president here in the states. It’s not that I’m a Joe fanatic; honestly, I’d have settled for anyone except the stupid orange dingleberry. Another thing I am excited about is to film new content for My fans. I have set a few personal, spiritual, and financial goals for Myself and at least one of My subs. I’m sure a few good boys can contribute towards these goals successfully. This is your year to set yourself apart from the rest of the hand hampers behind a screen. Two new(er) boys have been tributing Me without being told and I genuinely enjoy it. Regardless of the amount, it gets My attention. This is how you climb the ranks, boys. Write that down.

Worship My round booty

So many of you betas want to tell me how beautiful I am or how perfect My feet are. The best way to do this is to pay per message via SextPanther. Some boys are smart enough to unlock the PTV they were sent. They get horny, submissive, and beg to receive more pictures. This causes them to get weaker, more malleable, and eager to spend more, more, MORE. To which I oblige. All in all, sexting has turned out to be quite fruitful.

Are you a boot licking BETA??

As many kinksters in the community have found, Twitter and other social media platforms seem to be buckling down on certain adult accounts. Before you go, be sure to bookmark My blog. Don’t stop there; you’ll want to add My clip stores such as and C4S, My Niteflirt page, and fan club as well.

Get on your knees and PAY perfection

Since the new year I have been putting in more effort to engage with my fans. With that being said, I’ll update most of My media (pictures, videos, and audio clips) to My fan pages. Be sure to subscribe, comment, and tip. I intend to hold live worship cam sessions every Friday evening. I have a poll on My fan page to determine the set time each week. Not a subscribed fan? your opinion doesn’t matter. If you find yourself left in the dark, you can always pay for a cam appointment in advance. I suggest you subscribe to at least one site (AVN, or OnlyFans) so you don’t miss out.