Savage Winter Weekend

Were you a lonely loser, sitting at home, feeling sorry for yourself on Valentine’s Day? Of course you were? hahahaha I was at home with My Girlfriend anticipating what was about to be the worst winter storm in the south of the US in over 40 years. We stocked up on groceries, wine, weed, propane, etc. We spent consecutive evenings playing dice or card games by candle light with a bottle of wine.

enjoying the cold

We spent a portion of the day cooking hot meals on Our camping stove or grill. Of course the freezing temperatures left Us with plenty of time to cuddle under the fluffy down comforter and take naps to pass the time. We would look at each other and start laughing at Our winter ensembles and blanket dens. In total the electricity was out for 70 hours; water was out for 48 hours. Thankfully, I was able to laugh at the madness of it all as many others had it far worse than I did. Sadly, a few of My indoor plants perished during this time. I will be picking out new ones in March. you may be a good bitch and reimburse Me once the bill is posted.

Having My home furnished and decorated with plants and art, funded by My subs, is so satisfying. I’ll be at home sitting, on a piece of furniture (sub funded), and think about *you* for just a split second. Buy Me a rug, maybe I’ll imagine walking on you when I feel the plush fibers under My precious feet. Buy a refrigerator and I may find you refreshing (thanks lezzilover). A new MacBook? I’ll deem you useful. The subs that send cash or purchase practical gifts that *I* want are the ones I think of the most. This sets them apart from the wanker that sends a random pair of heels I won’t be wearing regularly any time soon just because he is horny for heels. Some boys know how to leave a lasting impression even when they are not actively serving. Are you one of them?

Speaking of boy toys, I have another local boy who wants to serve ME. Will he make the cut? Is he worthy to obtain My time and attention? Find out on My next blog post for an update.

Are you a bitch for boots?

An honorable mention goes to tinkle pig. he came by to tell Me how beautiful I am. Then dropped $600 directly into My bank account. It wasn’t long before he was begging to see My feet and sniff My butt crack. Hot, hot, HOT. Normally My supple soles are the money makers, however, My buttcrack has been taking more and more cash from pervy palm fuckers in recent days.

you’ll always be a LOSER
Give in, beta.

What have you done for ME?

Begin by subscribing to My fan site, shopping My wishlist, or send payments for receipts mentioned in My tweets. Stop being a little bitch, worrying about the amount, and just send. If you don’t send an initial hello, you’ll surely never get noticed. Keep spending to stay significant in My life. The only way you stay relevant or get gossiped about is by SPENDING.

I will be live on cam on Friday evenings, beginning at 7pm CST. Come kneel, worship, and, PAY!