New Year, New Website

Happy New Year and welcome to My fabulous new site.  I have deep appreciation and gratitude for AmericaniDoll and the tedious webwork that was put in behind the scenes.  The sleek and intuitive design makes it easy for horny boys to click and spend.   One of My favorite parts is that it was created by a bad ass tech savvy woman!

I started the year off with taking over $1k from slutty fist fucker. he usually calls My Niteflirt line to tell Me about some article he on his mind or a good book to read, something related to current events or powerful women (which I appreciate).  Once he’s all worked up, he sends an initial payment.  he particularly likes to oink after sending a payment, which I allowed.  Then I  had him take a few shots and smoke weed before he paid Me again to take over his computer remotely.  That is when I really took him over the edge.  I told him how pathetic he was while sending Myself $100 tributes every minute until he came.  Listening to him oink as he fapped away on his old viagra dick was entertaining.  he is a super loser who wanted to get mentioned in My blog.  I told him the only way to do that was to break $1000 in one night.  Here is your pat on the head, tinkle pig.


My next favorite is a cute little Canadian sissy who is stuck in a world of denial and deep desire to get dressed up and suck cock or grow out his beard and get a girlfriend.  We like to have wake and bake sessions on Sundays.  She sends Me gift cards, and I give constructive criticism of her make up looks and tell her to brush her wigs.  She is trying to stay straight for the new year.  Good luck, girl.  hahahaha


I’ve sold 4 pairs of socks thus far in 2020.  Maybe I will create an ebanned account and have the foot boys bid for My heavenly scented socks.  Simply email me and We can get a pair ripe and rotten just for you.  Prices start at $50; US shipping only.

Slick arches
Stinky toes

On Valentine’s Day I was treated to expensive truffles, a gift box full of make up and moisturizing masks, and chocolate covered strawberries. My Girlfriend and I had INCREDIBLE sex on our new leather couch; paid for by lezzilover.

on your knees plebs


More content and cam time coming soon My pets.  Be sure you are active on My fan sites, sending tips, and spoiling ME.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, send frequently (any amount) or spend a LOT ($1k+).