It has been forever since Ive posted a blog since it is so easy to instantly update on social media. However, so much has happened in the past year. Let’s recap: 2022 was a whirlwind of a year for Me in My vanilla world, and we’ll leave it at that. At the end of last year footbitch started the day off of with messages of adoration and his eagerness to worship My perfect soles. I was out on a jog when he began messaging Me, to which he replied with tributes encouraging My speed. This led to his first four digit send. Needless to say he was turned on and afraid at the same time. he fades in an out, living life in denial like so many of you. I like to make fun of him for serving My feet longer than his failed marriage, for trying to talk sports and women with his friends when all he wants to do is kneel, spend, and worship My perfect feet. I plan to meet with this easily manipulated toy in the coming months. he’ll pay Me, put a chastity cage on his small, inadequate man nub, and give Me the key. Chastity for small dicks is imperative.

I started the year off in Puerto Rico for three kings day. I visited family and did some internal tourism, including exploring a new beach in Aguadila, where I snorkeled with the locals. One of My favorite things to do when traveling is to visit bakeries. This is how I fell in love with…. Puerto Rican oatmeal.

El Yunque National Rainforest

2 pump chump has been paying Me for yearsssss. his rate is $1/second to see My feet or My cute plump booty before he loses it and hangs up. Later he thanks Me, telling Me how much he loves Me. he is super easy because he only lasts one minute, maximum. he drops by to spend a bit here and there, and only ever asking for cam after he’s sent, just how I like. After increasing his spending, dramatically, he finally got the opportunity to meet Me in person. I love seeing a sub tremble and become at a loss for words when meeting Me for the first time. Seeing someone visibly nervous and anxious makes Me laugh. We indulged in a few of favorite kinks: foot worship, ass sniffing, and ended with Me spitting in his pathetic mouth. What is better than Me taking your money, jamming My foot down your throat, burying your nose in My ass crack, and getting spit on?

how embarrassing
kneel, spend, worship
kneel, spend, worship

I am currently planning My trip to drive the Pacific Coast highway. While I’m looking forward to exploring the Pacific Northwest and the scenic drive, I also get to spend a day or two with My bestie, the Asian Goddess.

We love being mean to you

My wish tender page is live. I know you are itching to try it out.

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