Steamy Summer

sock sniffer
Come closer, take a sniff
I’ve had a rather busy start to the summer. Sweaty workouts create the perfect environment to make smelly socks, which have been selling in abundance.
sock sniffer
sock sniffer
While the pandemic has been hard on everyone, after getting vaccinated, I felt comfortable to travel domestically. The first place I went was to the West coast to visit My favorite friend, TheAsianGoddess. My soul needed to see Her. We saw sea lions, had great food, went to a winery, enjoyed the beach, smoked a lot of green, and laughed endlessly. In this picture you can imagine us standing in an alley smoking a joint before some sort of adventure.
foxy friends
Foxy friends
Love Her
Love Her
summer nights
summer nights on your dime
There are not many pictures available, as they are behind a paywall. No scraps for the broke blokes.

Aubrey Chase came to visit Me. She has a fans that are mostly into niche fetishes such as uvula worship and vore. While this is weird for some, others line up to see it. After being featured in a few of Her pictures and clips, I began gaining a following for this realm of niche fetishists. I am incorporating it into My fan pages as well. Are you ready to dive in for digestion?

Hungry for a light snack
If you are in love with My long tongue and uvula, you may subscribe to My fan page, which has been getting dense with new subscribers. The increase in fans has meant an increase in custom clips. My fan enjoyed his custom so much, he tipped afterwards. Take note; this is how you show your appreciation and gratitude.
Just before Aubrey Chase left, I sent Her home with a bunch of panties for Her panty bitch. By default, he loves My panties as well. It is too easy to tease this little bitch. Don’t you agree?
Beneath Me
Forever Beneath Me
panty tease
pantybitch, are you drooling?
This greedy ass has been demanding more and more cash recently.
Greedy Goddess
Greedy Goddess
Some boys are showing off more than others. Do you deserve to fuck off, or have you contributed to My happiness?
Good Pets
pissy piggy
pissy piggy
tinklepig has been trying hard to make the blog. Only after breaking $1k is he allowed to have his name mentioned here. he made it in May. Will he make it for July? this old piggy loves My feet and everything about Me.
hey weakling
weak for feet
Clean them
Lick them clean
Foot bitch still comes around once or twice a month. he can’t afford Me, but he can’t quit Me. I’ve lasted longer than ALL of his romantic relationships. he spends his weekend searching My Twitter feed and old blog posts for any crumbs of My perfect, curvy soles.

Two pump chump is back, too. he sends small amounts to jerk it for seconds. his sessions never last more than a full minute. Hahahaha. I do love a good cash grab. Good bitches contribute consistently and I adore it.
Don’t forget to subscribe to My fan page or unlock My feeds on SextPanther. I have one eager pet who unlocks anything I post. It makes Me smile knowing how obsessed you are.

Dive deeper, hand humpers. Surrender your ego and your wallet.