Summer recap 2020

Here We are, August 2020. We can all agree this year has been a basket of surprises thus far. pandemic, bubonic plague, record shattering heat waves, and on and on. While I see some of My friends and aquantances out living there life like normal, My plans have not altered much. I am still staying home as cases in My city have continued to rise. This has left more time for creating content for jerk junkies. Cure your boredom; binge on My clips like a good little beta. While some strokers prefer gooning over clips, others are signing up for penis isolation. Chastity has been very popular during the stay at home don’t deserve to cum anyway. Obviously that little cock is best kept in a cage. If you want to get in on the chastity challenge, be sure to send a $50 tribute with a message attached to start. Those who have been playing along have been enjoying their home confinement and new found cock confinement. Though I encourage a caged cock, I still believe in heavy teasing is heavily. Watching you get weaker each day, and more generous each night is such a pleasing pastime of Mine.

join Me
join NOW, bitch

Others, more promising submissives, are signing up for My fan pages. I recommend you sign up too as it is loaded full of pictures and video snips. Not to mention it has updates more often than any of My other social accounts. I have a sub who has been consistently renewing his subscription, month after month. After tweeting that I had Thai takeout, he quickly tipped Me for that amount. It is so easy to please Me, if you try. I’m only $200 away from My goal on AVN Stars. you love watching Me succeed. Contribute today, beta.

Recent gifts from My most devoted sub, lezzielover, include locally made teas, film clothes, and leather frye slip ons. While the tea and Frye Flats were selfless gifts, some of the outfits he bought can be seen in My upcoming clips. This old loser loves to spoil his Goddess.

pretty in pink
Bow down, beta

footbitch realized his fate was to be an obsessed foot servant, not wasting a woman’s time trying to be a failure of a boyfriend. he has been under MY training for 10 years. I love when he is gets in his spending moods. I know how badly he wants Me to give his wallet a good fucking, however, I only took $250, and left him aching for more. I call this setting the bait. I know he will be back shortly to spend again. And I was correct. he sent another $100 just last week just to jerk it for 5 minutes of My high arches and curvy wrinkled soles. These feet are his whole world.

owned by MY soles
owned by MY soles
They’ve trained him to pay when he thinks about jerking off to MY perfect peds.

A lovely admirer sent Swiss luggage. It was perfect timing as My last set was on its way out. The luggage has already gone on a road trip to visit LadyLuxxx. During My visit, she had her panty wearing bitch buy two wishlist gifts each in exchange for two pairs of panties from each of us.

gooner for white cotton panties
gooner for white cotton panties
bitch status
bitch status
This little doormat has it made. he buys gifts for Us, and receives gifts from Us. So many of you betas crave to wear women’s panties, exclusively. Imagine wearing all of My hand Me down panties. **your soft male clit and full balls, squished behind such delicate fabric** That is a sexy image. just another reason for you to think of Me daily.

fartface is a My most recent newbie. he first found Me on IWC. he loves to think about the smell of My divine toots. he is too easy to manipulate.

A horny, attention craving slut came by to entertain Me for a night. This LOSER is known for pissing on himself and shooting hot dogs out of his ass. I was surprised with the latter. he too was locked in chastity, with a string tied around his cage, yanking at it on My command. The show went on and on until I tired of it. Desperately seeking My attention he went on to pay more and more only to entertain Me with origami figurines, random trivia, and cooking tips.

total loser alert



Due to present pandemic circumstances I am not doing real time sessions with any submissives. However, a local loser has been so eager to meet Me. I agreed, under the condition that he would pick up the bill for a trip to the grocery store and have the honor of paying for My weekly nourishment. Stay tuned for updates this weekend.

As for you, what have you done to please Me? Have you sent a tip? Shopped My wishlist? I suggest you get started, beta.